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Club Member Meetings on YouTube
Jeff L Quandt
Published on: 6/2/2020
Club Member Meeting via Zoom are recorded and uploaded on our YouTube Channel
Remembering Sheila Marie Rollins
Jeff L Quandt
Published on: 5/18/2020
Sheila Marie Rollins, long-time club member and avid cyclist, dies on April 16. The club has made a memorial donation to the Open Door Mission per the wishes of the family.
Memorial Day Ride Cancelled
Jeff L Quandt
Published on: 5/4/2020
The clubs' memorial day ride has been cancelled due to COVID-19
Cycling in an Uncertain World
Jeff L Quandt
Published on: 3/28/2020
The BBC continues to Ride through uncertainty
Use cycling to lose weight
Published on: 2/5/2020
Bicycle magazine article on using cycling to lose weight, along with personal comments on Jeff's journey.
From the BBC president: Benefits of Joining a Cycling Club
Published on: 2/3/2020
A list of benefits of joining a cycling Club from Cycling Weekly .
Membership Meetings to have a special guest Speaker
Published on: 1/30/2020
As we move forward in a new year, we want to make the member meetings more valuable to all, even non-members. From this point forward we will have a special guest speaker to talk at the meeting about things cycling related.
February Club Meeting - New Location
Published on: 1/29/2020
A quick recap as to why the BBC member meeting has moved to a new location.