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Ride of Silence


Report a Trail or Street Issue
All of the paved Bike and Walking Trails are under the control and maintenance of the various city park's departments.  Reference the location and if it is a city park issue.  If it is on a roadway, intersection, sidewalk, let the city roads department know about the issue.

1. Take a Photo of the issue.  Photos have GEO Location information included in the photo detail.
2. Note where you are on a Google Map to report the incident after the fact.  This, with the photo will help locate the problem for correction. This may also help you know what government needs to be contacted. Pretty much any of the trails inside Douglas County are the responsibility of the City of Omaha, with an exception for Ralston.  When you get into Sarpy county, knowing where Bellevue, Papillion, and LaVista.
3. Bookmark the links below on your smartphone so you can easily access them from the trail. Your bookmarks can sync with your other devices: laptop/desktop computer or tablet.
4. You may need to add a photo editing app to your phone to resize (reduce) the image so you can include it with your report. Should the reporting tool allow to include an image.  Omaha does allow this and reducing the size of the image helps you report the problem with an image.  Large files may cause your report not to go through.

City of Omaha
Omaha Hotline

City of Bellevue
Contact Form

City of Papillion
Mayor's Hotline

City of LaVista
Report a Problem