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Cycling in an Uncertain World

Jeff L Quandt | Published on 3/28/2020

The world is always filled with a degree of uncertainty. 

After all, there are no guarantees of a tomorrow for any of us and yet we all continue to do things that bring some degree of normalcy to our lives; work, family time, recreation.

The current situation with COVID-19 has tossed everyone’s world into uncertainty. Many have lost work. Some may lose family members, and recreational activities may be something you have also stopped or changed drastically.

Personally, I have continued to ride. Mostly solo and with a few friends; and that includes BBC group rides. Riding my bike gives me outdoor time, time to think, and time to pray. As long as there are no restrictions on riding, even in groups, I will continue to do so. Being out in the fresh air is still a positive, Exercising is a great way to build your immunity, and as the sun continues to rise in the sky, those UV rays that viruses cannot live long under, just increase.

Cycling outdoors certainly means “social distancing,” ride in groups of 10 or less for the time being, and of course practice good hygiene.

This brings me to what the BBC has decided on carrying on to maintain some sense of continuity and consistency in life.

  1. The weekly Saturday coffee rides will continue, weather permitting
  2. We plan on expanding our ride offerings to address the cycling styles our members and non-members seek.
    1. Gravel Rides
    2. Road Rides
    3. Endurance Rides
    4. Signature Rides

As a group we all enjoy different levels of riding.  Some really want to put the pedal to the metal and ride at a faster pace. That is why some of our members will do road and endurance rides.  Look for the event posts on the BBC Facebook Page.

Another few in our group like to do gravel rides. These are off the beaten path on gravel roads where traffic is much less of an issue.  It doesn’t take much of a bike to ride on gravel. It is recommended that tires be at least 35-40 mm wide, and a bit lower pressure depending on the surface conditions.  The BBC will be doing an “Intro to
Gravel Ride the morning of July 4th, with a picnic stop.  The ride promises to be fairy easy, starting out on pavement and doing a shorter ride on flat gravel roads, just to give people a chance to experience this.

Bottom line

The BBC will not let a virus stop us from riding.  It will change how we ride, but we continue to encourage safe and responsible cycling.  We look forward to the day when this temporary situation has passed as it will.

Please join us on a ride and join the club as we have strength in numbers.