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Interesting Question about eBikes
By Jeff L Quandt
Posted: 2022-04-02T00:32:00Z

We received and interesting question via our website.

"Do we accept people on our rides who ride eBikes?"

Of course we do. Several members have eBikes and they are becoming more popular all the time.

We know there are some purest cyclists that think eBikes are cheating. Just think that maybe if they are riding a carbon frame they would be considered cheating if that happened 30 years ago. Anything other than a steel frame might have been frowned upon too.

Technology has a way of changing and improving how we ride bikes.

EBikes help people get out and ride. Using an eBike helps people get a workout while they ride. They may ride longer or further than they could on a non electric bike. Some are older and need a little help to get going, maybe to ride up that hill, or head into the wind,

One of our past presidents purchased an eBike in December to commute to work, one way is 22 miles. He still rides a road bike as well.

The club has had several members that use eBikes and others that have joined us on rides.

Class 1 and 3 eBikes are welcome and they can ride the metro trail system. They are pedal assist only and do not have a throttle which can propel the bike without pedaling.

Our insurance carrier does not provide liability coverage for riders using Class 2 eBikes at the present time.

Well, some riders that have joined us have used recumbent trikes or quad cycles.

Electric Mopeds, a bicycle that can go faster than 28 mph, usually up to 38 mph, are strictly for road use and are not permitted on the trail system. They would not be welcome.

So if you have an eBike, feel free to join us on any of our rides.

Jeff Quandt

Past President

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